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Feodo (also known as Cridex or Bugat) is a Trojan used to commit ebanking fraud and steal sensitive information from the victims computer, such as credit card details or credentials. At the moment, Feodo Tracker is tracking four versions of Feodo, and they are labeled by Feodo Tracker as version A, version B, version C and version D:

Below is a list of Feodo botnet C&C servers tracked by Feodo Tracker. You can sort the list by clicking on any column title (please note that JavaScript must be enabled in order to use this function). In addition, you have the possibility to filter the list below using certain pre-defined filters shown below.

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Firstseen (UTC)VersionFeodo C&CStatusSBLASNCountryLastseen (UTC)
2017-02-19 20:11:11D27.111.40.234onlineNot listedAS24532 INET-AS-ID- IDnever
2017-02-07 16:38:20D81.130.206.62onlineNot listedAS2856 BT-UK-AS- GB2017-02-11 18:48:24
2017-02-02 20:49:33D194.190.161.63onlineNot listedAS2643 IHEP-SU- RUnever
2017-01-17 13:46:39D23.94.38.151onlineNot listedAS36352 AS-COLOCROSSING- US2017-01-23 06:33:22
2016-12-22 12:27:36D109.74.9.119onlineSBL325720AS43948 GLESYS-AS- SE2016-12-25 03:36:26
2016-12-22 12:27:36D192.188.58.163onlineSBL325721AS27947 Telconet- EC2016-12-25 03:36:26
2016-12-22 12:27:36D69.43.168.214onlineSBL325722AS22489 CASTLE-ACCESS- US2016-12-25 03:36:26
2016-12-22 12:27:36D203.153.165.21onlineSBL325723AS7654 ISSP-AS-AP- TH2016-12-25 03:36:26
2016-12-17 16:27:38D188.68.50.34onlineNot listedAS197540 NETCUP-AS- RU2016-12-27 08:36:18
2016-03-29 04:43:31D210.245.92.63onlineSBL291856AS18403 FPT-AS-AP- VN2016-06-07 13:15:28

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