Feodo Tracker tracks certain families that are related or that evolved from Feodo. Originally, Feodo was an ebanking Trojan used by cybercriminals to commit ebanking fraud. Since 2010, various malware families evolved from Feodo, such as Cridex, Dridex, Geodo, Heodo and Emotet. At the time being (2018), Dridex and Emotet (aka Heodo) are still active and actively being tracker by Feodo Tracker. The purpose of the project is:

Any data offered here is available for free (see Terms of Services), helping network administrators and security analysts to protect their network and customers from botnets.

If you are a vendor you may use data from Feodo Tracker for both, commercical and non-commercial purpose without any limitation (see Terms of Services). If you need a customized format, there is the possibility to get one. If you wish to do so, please contact us using the Spamhaus Technology contact form: https://www.spamhaus.com/contact-us-abuse-ch/

Feodo Tracker offers the following feeds: