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You are currently viewing the database entry for the TrickBot botnet command&control server (C&C) You can get additional information about this C&C here, such as first seen, last seen and associated malware samples.

Database Entry

Spamhaus SBL:Not listed
AS number:AS200698
Country:- BA
First seen:2020-05-22 17:41:43 UTC
Last seen:2020-05-24 15:19:38 UTC
Last online:2020-05-25

Malware Samples

The table below documents all malware samples associated with this TrickBot botnet command&control server (C&C).

Timestamp (UTC)Malware Sample (MD5 hash)VTHostPortSignature
2020-05-25 00:15:31e575909d5d5f8e9d7d4461feb609708an/a185.99.2.137447TrickBot
2020-05-24 17:08:41856a4b6420eb8a402bdf4abdb28e9ef1Virustotal results 38 / 71 (53.52%)
2020-05-24 16:48:117256ec4ceba55b157160f58969147ca5Virustotal results 37 / 71 (52.11%)
2020-05-24 15:55:213da0dc2bde1eb0d0c46d465ac332191fn/a185.99.2.137447TrickBot
2020-05-24 15:55:213da0dc2bde1eb0d0c46d465ac332191fn/a185.99.2.137447TrickBot
2020-05-24 15:33:1517e1427c27beedc1e7ce13cf9218f7b3n/a185.99.2.137447TrickBot
2020-05-22 17:54:130f41455f5edcca7668535b020d23e1dfVirustotal results 47 / 73 (64.38%)

# of malware samples: 7