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You are currently viewing the database entry for the TrickBot botnet command&control server (C&C) You can get additional information about this C&C here, such as first seen, last seen and associated malware samples.

Database Entry

Spamhaus SBL:SBL472433
AS number:AS16276
AS name:OVH
Country:- CA
First seen:2020-01-03 15:31:32 UTC
Last seen:2020-01-09 01:35:25 UTC
Last online:2020-01-09

Malware Samples

The table below documents all malware samples associated with this TrickBot botnet command&control server (C&C).

Timestamp (UTC)Malware Sample (MD5 hash)VTHostPortSignature
2020-01-09 01:43:4106dc82e8ef422fb679d563131bb39ef0n/a192.99.255.32447TrickBot
2020-01-08 23:36:38bbb4cd9910a87a1a119bd3d8f1aea491n/a192.99.255.32447TrickBot
2020-01-08 20:20:310a69711c03b68e7f80382fd063ec23edn/a192.99.255.32447TrickBot
2020-01-08 12:57:06e0a23754237d2957e840bc86c93d48bfVirustotal results 33 / 72 (45.83%)
2020-01-08 01:48:45eb49f194ae9a9cebc748111b4ebb3178Virustotal results 14 / 71 (19.72%)
2020-01-07 23:40:43f0a0e78481dfba4b5d87b364bcfffd8eVirustotal results 10 / 68 (14.71%)
2020-01-04 00:36:42881869b2fd88dfa756639187f14fa8ecn/a192.99.255.32447TrickBot

# of malware samples: 7