Malware Botnet C&C

You are currently viewing the database entry for the malware botnet command&control server (C&C) hosted at . You can get additional information about this C&C here, such as first seen, last seen and associated malware samples.

Database Entry

IP address:
AS number:AS17557
AS name:PKTELECOM-AS-PK Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited
Country:- PK
First seen:2021-11-25 04:11:59 UTC
Last online:2021-11-25 06:xx:xx UTC

Botnet C&Cs

The table below shows all botnet C&Cs know to Feodo Tracker that are hosted on this host.

First seen (UTC)IP addressPortMalwareStatusAbuse compltain sent?Last online (UTC)
2021-11-25 04:11:5939.33.218.78995
No2021-11-25 06:xx:xx

Referencing Malware Samples

The following table shows the most recent malware samples associated with malware botnet C&Cs hosted on Please consider that the output is limited to the 500 most recent malware samples.

Time stamp (UTC)MD5 hashFile TypeVirustotalMalware
2021-11-23 16:15:32d6d40468b11693fc897ebac6eb970326zipn/a
2021-11-23 15:47:39e473e83eabd26a2b2b30604dd63842bcDLL dlln/a