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You are currently viewing the database entry for the TC botnet command&control server (C&C) You can get additional information about this C&C here, such as first seen, last seen and associated malware samples.

Database Entry

Spamhaus SBL:Not listed
AS number:AS29314
AS name:VECTRANET-AS Al. Zwyciestwa 253, 81-525 Gdynia, Poland
Country:- PL
First seen:2020-06-02 07:22:06 UTC
Last seen:never

Malware Samples

The table below documents all malware samples associated with this TC botnet command&control server (C&C).

Timestamp (UTC)Malware Sample (MD5 hash)VTHostPortSignature
2019-10-15 00:36:48ead05c17cf49520f5cc0c790d1d7a68dVirustotal results 51/70 (72.86%)
2019-10-14 17:08:384b4d2148635d24b1cf001b341f051093Virustotal results 50/70 (71.43%)

# of malware samples: 2